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June 17, 2016
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Kavish Kripa Final Trailer

I am a freelance photographer working in and around Ahmedabad, specialising in Architectural, Wedding, Travel, Documentary and Childbirth photography.
I enjoy moving through a range of styles and disciplines, and experimenting. I bond with my clients and ensure I understand exactly what they want. I am meticulous on the shoot, and I thoroughly interview my clients beforehand.

I head a team of female childbirth photographers, which is a fresh endeavour. Whilst we frequently photograph the cherished memories of our marriage, we miss out on recording the intimacy of the birth of our children. We spend our lives photographing our children but ignore the first yawns, cries and squeals they make upon entering the world. Our work is entirely confidential, and I am very careful to create trust with the parents and the gynaecologists alike: sterilisation, no flesh and no interference. I work closely in building a relationship with the gynaecologists so that they help me find unintrusive spaces and capture memorable moments.
My architectural photography is born out of my own architectural training and my close relationship with CEPT as an alumnus. I bond closely with architects, and ensure I photograph their work with the best kit possible to build a platform for the world to view their creations. I use many different photographic techniques to ensure people appreciate the build from every angle and light, such as HDR lighting, Panoramas, or Virtual Walks, and I collude with architects to the very end, establishing their preference in post-processing.
My wedding photography has always been based on great communication with the bride and groom. The best wedding photography is truly candid – the photographer should blend into the background, and capture the genuine smiles. Wedding photographers are particularly guilty of intrusive behaviour. I believe the photographer should behave like a photojournalist, documenting the drama and excitement of the celebration.