Radhika Pandit | Kirti Rushi Trailer
June 14, 2016
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Kirti Rushi Trailer

Kirti and Rushi:
Udaipur being the city of lakes hosts one of the most elite wedding where the wedding in Jag mandir and reception in city palace, Zanane mahal.

Photography: Serendipitous Smiles, Radhika Pandit

Destination weddings as a theme are comparatively new and are increasingly getting into the trend, especially for couples who want to marry away from their cities. As fancy as it all sounds, the process is elaborate and has millions of pointers that need to be kept in mind, mainly because the wedding is not in your own city where one knows things and is comfortable. However, if one is prepared for the hard-work and wants the Big Fat Indian Wedding, the concept is perfect. They chose Rajasthan as a state due to its rich culture, royal feel and it housed some of the best palaces in the world. They further narrowed down on Udaipur, the city of palaces as it was comfortably near to both the cities that they came from – Gujarat (Anand) & Maharashtra (Mumbai). They visited many locations and lastly finalised on Jag Mandir Island Palace as the wedding destination & Zenana Mahal, City Palace as the reception destination. Both of these locations are nothing more than princely, royal, magical and dreamy. Indeed Udaipur has best venues which are ranked as one of the highest in the country and which also scored an excellent rank in the world were chosen.

Venues and Dates:
Friday, 25th December, 2015:
– Mehendi Ceremony (Noon) – Ananta Spa & Resorts
– Sangeet Function (Evening) – Ananta Spa & Resorts
Friday, 26th December, 2015:
– Pooja & Haldi Ceremony (Brunch Time) – Ananta Spa & Resorts
– Wedding (Evening) – The Jag Mandir Island Palace
Friday, 27th December, 2015:
– Rajasthani Mela (Brunch Time) – Ananta Spa & Resorts
– Reception (Evening) – The City Palace – Zenana Mahal

The Vendors
Wedding Planners: My Wedding Planning, Aloha Mehta & Ruchita Paralkar
Host / Master of Ceremony: Junaid Currimbhoy
The Dancing Group: Shruti Jasani & Paras Sharma, inventors of The Wooden Stage
Makeup Artist: Mallika Jolly & Vibha Jolly

Client’s Testimony
Photography – Serendipitous Smiles
Photography of a wedding is one of the most crucial tasks and it takes an expert to have an eye for detail, most importantly someone who understands the concept of the wedding and can capture some of the most memorable pictures of a lifetime. Personally, being a perfectionist when it comes to photography Kirti knew that she will not settle for the mediocre typical photographer who makes you stand in numerable positions and ask you to fake smile on your big day! They wanted a young, energetic person who naturally captures their pictures without asking or disturbing them on or during the functions. They met ample of teams and went through selection processes with all of them. Lastly, they decided to go with Radhika Pandit, the brain child behind Serendipitous Smiles for our wedding. Skype meetings were organized and the couple had multiple elaborate chats. Radhika is extremely talented, has an eye for the most spectacular images which she is able to foresee as a photographer. For the couple, now when they see their pre-wedding and wedding photographs, it speaks a million of emotions and are memories for a lifetime.

About Serendipitous Smiles: Whilst we frequently photograph the cherished memories of our marriage, we miss out on recording the intimacy of the birth of our children. We spend our lives photographing our children but ignore the first yawns, cries and squeals they make upon entering the world. Our work is entirely confidential, and I am very careful to create trust with the parents and the gynaecologists alike: sterilisation, no flesh and no interference. I work closely in building a relationship with the gynaecologists so that they help me find unintrusive spaces and capture memorable moments.

My wedding photography has always been based on great communication with the bride and groom. The best wedding photography is truly candid – the photographer should blend into the background, and capture the genuine smiles. Wedding photographers are particularly guilty of intrusive behaviour. I believe the photographer should behave like a photojournalist, documenting the drama and excitement of the celebration.