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Radhika Pandit hails from Gujarat’s major city and a startling metropolis with a long history, many remarkable buildings, a fascinating maze of an old quarter, excellent museums, fine restaurants and fabulous night markets “AHMEDABAD”. Yet the old-world charm is all but swamped by 21st-century traffic, crowding, pollution and the usual extremes of wealth and poverty.The old city lies on the east side of the Sabarmati River and used to be surrounded by a 10km-long wall, of which little now remains except 15 formidable gates standing as forlorn islands amid swirling, cacophonous traffic. The new city on the west side of the river, nearly all built in the last 50 years, has wider streets, several major universities.The main city of Ahmedabad is hard on the lungs and frantic but friendly. It’s home to Mahatma Gandhi’s ashram, and the world’s finest textile museum.Here’s my tribute to this wonderful city who has shaped and influence me a lot directly- indirectly.

Photography of all types is happening around us nowadays, which is something that we all are very used to and it is very difficult to see it in a different perspective. Hence I as a photographer with a belief to find a particular scene or combination of objects, its arrangement and the aesthetic decision in such ways that brings life to the piece of abstract. Hence I enjoys moving through a range of styles and disciplines, and experimenting.

I am a freelance photographer working in and around Ahmedabad, specialising in ArchitecturalWeddingTravelDocumentary and Childbirth photography.