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Cynosure : Architectural Photography

Radhika Pandit’s Architectural Photography :Framing the frame

Radhika Pandit’s Cynosure : Architectural Photography boasts of hotels,bungalows, real estate schemes,luxury homes & others in the architectural portfolio.

My architectural photography is born out of my own architectural training and my close relationship with CEPT as an alumnus. I bond closely with architects, and ensure I photograph their work with the best kit possible to build a platform for the world to view their creations. I use many different photographic techniques to ensure people appreciate the build from every angle and light, such as HDR lighting, Panoramas, or Virtual Walks, and I collude with architects to the very end, establishing their preference in post-processing.

Photography of all types is happening around us nowadays, which is something that we all are very used to and it is very difficult to see it in a different perspective. Hence I as a photographer with a belief to find a particular scene or combination of objects, its arrangement and the aesthetic decision in such ways that brings life to the piece of abstract. Hence I enjoys moving through a range of styles and disciplines, and experimenting.Due to this I have been featured in HAW MagazineCreative Clan, AhmedabadArchdaily.